The Impact of AI on Education: Dorval Jean XXIII Art Cover

As students, we often encounter various school projects that challenge our creativity. One such project is designing a cover for our school agenda. For our school, Dorval Jean XXIII, we wanted to depict the influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on education in a cartoonish manner. AI, an ever-evolving technology, has begun transforming the way we […]

Cartoon Character Who Loves Shopping

Meet a delightful cartoon character who has an irresistible love for shopping. This vivacious and expressive character brings joy and excitement to every shopping adventure. With their dynamic personality and lively imagination, they turn ordinary shopping trips into extraordinary experiences. Every day, this cartoon character embarks on thrilling shopping sprees, exploring the trendiest boutiques and […]

Hyper-Realistic Portraits: Exploring Denmark and Donald Duck Through Inventive Character Designs

In the style of hyper-realistic portraits, Danish artist embraces the iconic character of Donald Duck in a unique and imaginative way. Incorporating elements of the Dolly Kei fashion subculture and baroque-inspired sculptures, the artist creates life-like avian illustrations that capture the essence of Denmark’s beloved cartoon character. Drawing inspiration from Adafruit’s inventive character designs, these […]


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